Online enrollment is now Open for the Fall 2024 Semester.

All enrollment dates can be found HERE


Returning Students:

Returning Students should LOGIN on the next screen with their email and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can request another one by clicking on “Forgot your password?”

New or Former Students:

If you are a New or Former student who has not yet registered for an account in the Online Portal, you must first click SIGN UP on the next screen. Once you complete and hit “enter” on the SIGN UP screen, you will receive a notification to look for an email to confirm your email address. That email will allow you to set a password. Once you have set your password, you will be directed to a screen where you can click on “Next Semester Registration.”

As a student registered in the Online Portal, you will see your current information on record and will be able to make corrections to your address, school, etc.

Family Discount

The Family Discount applies only to immediate family members living at the SAME address as someone that has already registered and paid at least the application fee, and no longer requires a code. All addresses must match EXACTLY! (EX: Road, Rd, and Rd. do NOT match!) The first family member to register will pay full price. Each family member that registers thereafter should see a link to the first family member that registered when they “Continue to Payment.” You will be asked to enter your relationship to the first family member and the discount should be applied automatically to your invoice. If you do not see this link after hitting “Continue to Payment,” your addresses do not match EXACTLY.

Technical issues:

IF you should have any technical issues, Please check out FAQs HERE. If you need further assistance and need to contact us, you MUST complete the tech support request form HERE (contacting our offices directly by email or phone will only slow down the process of getting help)