Elective FAQ

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  • Can my church host an elective even though we aren't yet an FBI school?
    Of course you can! FBI electives may be taken independently from or along with our full 3 year program (to earn an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies).
  • When / How soon can we schedule an elective?
    Electives do not follow the same schedule as our three year course. As such, they can be scheduled to start at any time, however, there are some guidelines.
    • U.S. Schools must submit their Elective Request electronically HERE, at least 8 weeks before the day you would like the class to start.
    • International Schools must submit their Elective Request electronically HERE, at least 12 weeks before the day you would like the class to start.
  • How do we schedule an elective?
    1 - You and/or your school decide which elective you would like to offer.

    2 - Select a starting date and time you would like to begin.

    3 - Submit an Elective Request Form through our website. This form must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior (12 weeks for International locations) to the date you would like your class to begin.

    4 - FBI will prepare and send applications and promotional materials for your elective.

    5 - Once you receive your promotional materials, you will be begin recruiting students. Students will complete an application and make their tuition payment directly to your church. You will be given an Enrollment Deadline. This is the date by which you need a minimum of 8 students.

    6 - The day after your Enrollment Deadline, you will put the applications and 1 check to cover the tuition in the mail to us.

    7 - Once we receive the applications and payment, we will process the applications and we will ship student and Director materials to you.

    8 - Your school will be given a Course Deadline (which is typically 1 month from the last class session). This is the date by which all students must finish all coursework - view all the classes and take the test. This is the date you will need to return all DVDs and test materials to us.

    9 - Once we receive your materials, we will grade the tests and issue report cards.

    You can find full details on how to schedule an elective HERE.

    After you review the information in the guide, an elective can be scheduled using THIS FORM.
  • How Much Do the Elective Courses Cost?

    Elective Costs

    Elective Single
    (Total Cost)
    Family Members
    (Total Cost)
    The Doctrine of Angels $40 $30
    Scientific & Biblical Creation $60 $40
    Scientific Creationism II $75 $50
    Personal Evangelism $40 $30
    The Doctrine of Bible Prophecy $50 $35
    Biblical Leadership $40 $30
    Biblical Worldview 1 $50 $40
    Biblical Worldview 2 $60 $60
    The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus $60 $60
  • How Long are the Elective Courses?

    Elective Class lengths

    Elective # of
    Length of
    The Doctrine of Angels 8 36 min.
    Scientific & Biblical Creation 16 36 min.
    Scientific Creationism II 12 55 min.
    Personal Evangelism 6 50 min.
    The Doctrine of Bible Prophecy 12 50 min.
    Biblical Leadership
    *5 Classes Total
    40 min.
    1 hr.
    Biblical Worldview 1 9 55 min.
    Biblical Worldview 2 20 40 min.
    The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus 12 55 min.

  • How many students do we need?
    A minimum of eight students are required for each elective scheduled. You do not need to know who your eight students will be when you contact us. You will have time to promote your class and enroll students later.
  • Do people signing up for electives already have to be FBI students?
    No, Elective enrollment is open to new, current, and former students. In fact, many students that wouldn't normally sign up for the three year course are far more likely to sign up for an elective!
  • Do I receive a diploma or certificate for each elective class?
    Upon completion of each elective course, a report card will be issued to each student in the course. Credit hours for the elective will only be issued if the test is taken. No credit hours are given for auditing an elective. Elective credit hours can be applied toward an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies.
  • How many credit hours is each Elective?

    Elective Courses

    SCIE 201 - Scientific & Biblical Creationism [2 credit hours] Filmed 2012

    Answers your questions about the Creation/Evolution Debate, the dinosaurs, the Flood, the age of the Earth, the fossil record, the gap theory, the canopy theory and the origin of man. Learn why Christians cannot accept Theistic Evolution and the dark and sinister secrets of Evolution’s deadly past.

    SCIE 221 - Scientific Creationism II [2 credit hours] Filmed 2020

    Unraveling the Origins Controversy Course provides a thorough overview of the creation/evolution controversy. Dr. DeWitt exposes the underlying assumptions and evidence on both sides of this contentious debate from a consistent Biblical perspective. Using both scientific evidence and Scripture, he presents a compelling case for a creation perspective.

    THEO 223 - Doctrine of Prophecy [2 credit hours] Filmed 1998

    A systematic study of the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the One World Government and the Church, the Second Coming, the Millennium, Armageddon and more! Examines the debate concerning the Pre, Mid, and Post-Tribulational Rapture views.

    THEO 233 - Doctrine of Angels [1 credit hour] Filmed 2012

    An exciting study of Angels, their nature, origin, ministry, appearance and rank. Learn of the archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and other types of angels. Discover the truths and the common errors concerning the ministry of angels in the past and the present. Includes a study of Satan’s fallen angels. Learn the origin, types and future of fallen angels. Learn what the creatures can and cannot do and discover the secrets of victory in spiritual warfare.

    EVAN 201 - Personal Evangelism [1 credit hour] Filmed 2000

    A beginner's course on How to Lead a Soul to Christ. Students will learn, practice, and then go out and share their faith with unbelievers. The emphasis of this course is on doing rather than theory and classroom knowledge.

    BUSI 201 - Biblical Leadership [1 Credit hour] Filmed 2013

    This 5 session course is a thorough Biblical and practical course that will help you to learn to lead others at church, at home and at work. You will learn the purpose, importance, the meaning, the qualifications, the influence and the dangers of leadership, as well as how to develop as a leader and how to pass on your leadership to others. This course is designed to be offered as a weekend seminar but can be offered on a weekly basis.

    Philosophy 221: Biblical Worldview I [1 credit hour] Filmed 2018

    A Definition & Defense of a Biblical Worldview.
    An essential and foundational study of the nature and necessity of a Biblical Worldview, including a solid apologetic for the trustworthiness of a Scriptural view of our existence, purpose, & morality. This study will equip students to develop, defend and base life decisions upon a consistent worldview based upon the absolute truth of the revelation of God in Scripture.

    Philosophy 222: Biblical Worldview II [2 credit hours] Filmed 2020

    Analyzing and Applying a Biblical Worldview.
    This study will further equip students to develop, defend, and base life decisions upon Scripture. Building upon and expanding the foundation laid in Biblical Worldview 1, students will be led to think about controversial matters, ethical theory and application regarding such topics as human dignity, abortion, euthanasia, and issues surrounding current concerns over the meaning of love, sexuality, marriage, and family.
    [Biblical Worldview 1 is recommended but not required]
    * Note: This is an adult level course that includes a proper Biblical perspective on abortion, sexuality, homosexuality and trans-sexuality including detailed references to human anatomy and is intended for a mature audience.

    Philosophy 350: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus [2 credit hour] Filmed 2021

    Christianity is not just a matter of believing in God or even Jesus, but believing very specific claims about Jesus: that He died “for our sins” by crucifixion in the first century A.D., but did not remain dead. The resurrection of Jesus is central to Christian apologetics and evangelism. This course is designed to offer philosophical and historical evidence for believing and defending the resurrection of Jesus so that students will have resources for being grounded in and effectively communicating their faith.

  • How many electives do I need to take to earn the Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies?
    The Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies can be issued to students that earn credit for the 3-year core curriculum and 6 Elective credit hours. The Elective credits can be earned before, during, or after completion of the three year course.
  • Are Elective courses available online?
    Elective courses are not available online yet. When the pandemic hit, we were sent scrambling to move our 3-year course online so students could continue their studies and we could continue to exist. We are working on moving the Elective online but it is a massive project so we appreciate any and all prayers for our team.
  • Can Individuals take an Elective Course?
    Currently, our Elective courses are for group study (8 or more people) utilizing DVDs, paper registration and paper tests. Our goal is to eventually have electives available for individuals to take online.
  • What if I still have Elective-related questions?
    If you have been unable to find an answer to your Elective-related question on our website, please feel free to email our Elective Department directly at Electives@fbiclass.com.