Elective Information

Our elective courses are a great way to expand your study of God's word. Since you don't have to already offer our 3-year course, many of our schools choose to start with elective courses. Faith Bible Institute electives cover exciting subjects such as:

  • The Doctrine of Angels
  • Creation Vs. Evolution
  • Bible Prophecy
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Biblical Worldview
  • The Case for the Resurrection of Christ
  • Biblical Archaeology

Elective Courses

SCIE 201 - Scientific & Biblical Creationism [2 credit hours] Filmed 2012

Answers your questions about the Creation/Evolution debate, the dinosaurs, the Flood, the age of the Earth, the fossil record, the gap theory, the canopy theory and the origin of man. A great course to help you strengthen and defend your faith.

Instructor: Dr. John Yates: No controversy today is as crucial as the Creation/Evolution Debate. Our children are being brainwashed with Evolutionary dogma from preschool age and up. Our public schools, science programs on television, museums, and the popular media have combined forces to strip away all belief in a Creator. Churches, parents, and all concerned Christians must be equipped with real answers when children, youth and college groups, Sunday School students, or adults ask for answers on origins. Evolutionists are cutting away at the foundation of the Bible and are thereby destroying an entire generation’s faith in the moral teachings, miracles, warnings of judgment, and salvation message of the Bible. Millions of Christians (perhaps even you) have been infected by dangerous compromises with Theistic Evolution and the Day Age Theory because of a lack of solid answers to their questions about Evolution. In response to this desperate need and the many requests we have received for information on this subject, Faith Bible Institute has launched this elective course.

SCIE 221 - Scientific Creationism II [2 credit hours] Filmed 2020

Unraveling the Origins Controversy Course provides a thorough overview of the creation/evolution controversy. Dr. DeWitt exposes the underlying assumptions and evidence on both sides of this contentious debate from a consistent Biblical perspective. Using both scientific evidence and Scripture, he presents a compelling case for a creation perspective.

Instructor: Dr. David DeWitt: In 1 Peter 3:15, Peter admonishes believers to be prepared to give an answer to everyone regarding the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. Even though the “eternal power and godhead (divine nature)” is “clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” (Romans 1:20), many deny the existence of the God who made them. Instead of recognizing people as created in the image of God, they believe we are the product of time, genes and a little luck —through the process of evolution. Christians should have confidence in the Biblical account of creation and an understanding of the scientific evidence that supports it. Most importantly, the knowledge of creation can be shared with others to help them learn about the God Who is unknown to them.

This course provides a broad introduction to the most significant issues in the origins debate including Genesis, Noah’s Flood, natural selection, age of the earth, fossils, human origins, and cellular complexity. Completion of the course will equip you with answers to many of the common challenges and questions people have regarding the origins controversy.

[Scientific & Biblical Creationism recommended but not required]

THEO 223 - Doctrine of Prophecy [2 credit hours] Filmed 1998

Finally, you can understand the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the One World Church & Government, the 2nd Coming, the Millennial Reign of Christ, the Battle of Armageddon & more. Examines the Pre, Mid, and Post-Tribulational Rapture views and the Pre, Post, and A-Millennial views.

Instructor: Dr. John Yates: Why a Course on Bible Prophecy? Because Jesus is Coming Soon!
It is my firm conviction that this is the generation that will witness the Return of Jesus Christ. Since the First Century, no generation has seen the sheer volume of Prophecy fulfilled that has taken place in recent years. It is vital that Christians understand the events which are about to take place in order to warn this generation to prepare for His Coming. Bible Prophecy is a powerful tool for Evangelism and a powerful challenge for Christians to live for Christ. A full one fourth of the Bible was given as Prophecy. To fail to understand Prophecy is therefore to fail to understand the Bible. A great deal of controversy and mis-information also exists surrounding the subject of Bible Prophecy. An understanding of what the Bible declares about the Last Days will not only remove this confusion, but also help the Believer understand the significance of events in the news today. The subject of Prophecy also includes the Judgments and Rewards that we as believers will face in our future.

THEO 233 - Doctrine of Angels [1 credit hour] Filmed 2012

An exciting study of the nature, origin, ministry, appearance and rank of Angels. Learn of the archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and other types of angels. Discover the truths and the common errors concerning the ministry of angels in the past and the present. Includes a study of Satan’s fallen angels. Learn the origin, types and future of fallen angels. Learn what these creatures can and cannot do and discover the secrets of victory in spiritual warfare.

Instructor: Dr. John Yates: The recent explosion of interest in Angels has resulted in an explosion of both questions and false teachings concerning God’s angelic messengers. Superstitious and even pagan teachings concerning angels are actually being embraced by some believers. Christians need to know the truth about what the Bible teaches concerning the existence of Angels, their origin, the time of their creation, the types of angels, their appearance, their ministry in the past, and their true ministry today.

Even more confusion exists concerning the fallen angels - the demons. Many believers wrongly live with an unhealthy fear of these creatures while others live in disbelief and ignorance concerning the true dangers and temptations we face from our enemies. Sadly, much modern teaching on spiritual warfare actually guarantees defeat before the battle even begins. Believers need to be equipped with the truth so that we can be both confident and victorious.

EVAN 201 - Personal Evangelism [1 credit hour] Filmed 2000

A beginner’s course on How to lead a soul to Christ. Students will learn, practice, and then go out and share their faith with unbelievers. Includes practice sessions and practical assignments to go out and share the gospel. The emphasis of this course is on doing rather than theory and classroom knowledge.
PLEASE NOTE: The option to audit is not available for this elective and a passing grade requires sharing the Gospel to 4 lost people over a 4-6 week period.

Instructor: Dr. John Yates: Every single one of the six billion people on Earth will spend eternity either in Heaven or in Hell. Jesus Christ has commanded us to give the Gospel to every creature. This includes family members, co-workers, fellow students, neighbors, friends, and those we meet in daily activities. Most Christians are aware both of the need of lost souls and our responsibility to witness. Yet few Christians actually share their faith. They feel guilty and inadequate. What can be done?

The goal of this course is to take believers who feel fearful to share their faith and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to effectively share the Gospel. This course will help the seasoned soul winner, but it is designed for the Beginner. If you have never witnessed to one person, this is the course to teach you how. The emphasis is on personal and practical application.

BUSI 201 - Biblical Leadership [1 Credit hour] Filmed 2013

This 5-session course is a thorough Biblical and practical course that will help you to learn to lead others at church, at home and at work. You will learn the purpose, importance, the meaning, the qualifications, the influence and the dangers of leadership, as well as how to develop as a leader and how to pass on your leadership to others.

Instructor: Larry Fincher: The Bible is filled with leadership principles. These principles of leadership can change our churches, ministries, businesses, careers, homes and our children. Leadership multiplies all that we do for God into the lives of others. If we want to make a difference in lives, then we need to learn God’s principles of leadership. Our churches or careers cannot rise above our leadership limitations. This course can lift you to new levels as a leader.

“Larry Fincher is a leader of leaders, who has helped develop leaders in our church and around the world. He has helped pastors, missionaries, business leaders, husbands, parents, mentors, ministry leaders and volunteers to become more effective leaders for God. He has trained many volunteer leaders in our church and has greatly stretched my leadership abilities. He can do the same for you. Don’t wait until you become a leader to begin studying leadership. Learn leadership to become a leader for God!”

Philosophy 221: Biblical Worldview I [1 credit hour] Filmed 2018

An essential and foundational study of the nature and necessity of a Biblical Worldview, including a solid apologetic for the trustworthiness of a Scriptural view of our existence, purpose, & morality. This study will equip students to develop, defend and base life decisions upon a consistent worldview based upon the absolute truth of the revelation of God in Scripture.

Instructor: Dr. Will Honeycutt: Your worldview is the lens through which you see every area of life and upon which you base your opinions and life decisions. Yet even most Christians have never examined the worldview that they have inherited by default from their secular culture, media & educational system. Therefore, most Christians do not understand or live by and cannot articulate or defend a consistent Biblical worldview. This course is designed to transform your worldview and therefore to transform your life, your family, your church & our culture.

How do YOU answer these questions?
  • Does God exist? How can we know, and what difference does it make?
  • Is all human life sacred and worth protecting?
  • Does your life really have value and dignity, and is it really worth living?
  • Does our treatment of others really matter? Why?
  • Are there any absolute truths or values? If so, where do they come from?
  • Can you convince a skeptic that the Bible is the authority on these issues?
This course will help you develop a consistent Worldview based on Scripture. Over 35 years of examining alternative worldviews, philosophies & religions have revealed that the worldview of Biblical theism is objectively true and provides the answers to all of life’s most important questions.

Philosophy 222: Biblical Worldview II [2 credit hours] Filmed 2020

This study will further equip students to develop, defend and base life decisions upon Scripture. Building upon and expanding the foundation laid in Biblical Worldview 1, students will be led to think about controversial matters, ethical theory and application regarding such topics as human dignity, abortion, euthanasia, and issues surrounding current concerns over the meaning of love, sexuality, marriage and family.

Instructor: Dr. Will Honeycutt: Your worldview is the lens through which you see every area of life and upon which you base your opinions and life decisions. Yet most Christians have never examined the worldview that they have inherited by default from their secular culture, media & educational system. Therefore, most Christians do not understand, live by and cannot articulate or defend a consistent biblical worldview. This course is designed to transform your worldview and therefore to transform your life, your family, your church & our culture.

How do YOU answer these questions?
Is all human life equal, and how can we be sure?
  • When does the human’s individual life begin?
  • What does it mean to be human; what does it mean to be a person?
  • Should people be assisted to end their lives? If so, who should do it; if not, why not?
  • What is love, marriage and family?
  • What is the Bible’s teaching on same-sex behavior and marriage?
  • How should Christians respond to the transgender movement?
  • Why use the Bible as an authority on these questions?
This course will challenge you to develop and consistently apply a biblical worldview to many controversial issues of our times. After 25 years of studying and analyzing these issues in some depth, I am more increasingly convinced that the worldview of Biblical theism provides the best, most coherent answers to these and many other important questions, and thus emerges as the Truth on which we can rely when facing them.

[Biblical Worldview 1 recommended but not required]

* Note: This is an adult level course that includes a proper Biblical perspective on abortion, sexuality, homosexuality and trans-sexuality including detailed references to human anatomy and is intended for a mature audience.

PHIL 223: Biblical Worldview III – World Religions [2 credit hours - Filmed 2022]

This course takes a close look at the major world religions, comparing and contrasting them to Christianity. It explores the meaning and development of religion as a human experience and considers how Christianity is most credible as the one true religion revealed by God to humanity. It also looks at how religions are distortions of the originally revealed religion given by God and how Christianity restores that truth to humankind. A focus of the course is how to understand other faiths and communicate Christian truth to their adherents.

Instructor: Dr. Will Honeycutt: The Christian need not travel far, or even to another country, to be exposed to numerous other faiths. Since 9/11/2001 we have become more aware and wary of certain Muslims, and more interested in what Islam believes and how they practice in general. It’s not uncommon to see those of the Hindu and Sikh faiths in our daily lives. Terms like “karma” and “yoga” have become quite popular to people in the west. A number of Hollywood stars are Jewish. The Dalai Lama, a Buddhist leader, makes regular appearances in social media and with western dignitaries. Syncretists, who blend numerous religions into one they find satisfying, are heard from often. Religious pluralists, who consider all religions to be equally in touch with God or Ultimate Reality, predominate religious studies at colleges around the world. The internet has shrunk the world and expanded knowledge of numerous and often contradictory religious ideas, hence Christianity is often seen as one among many faiths, but by no means unique. After all, many say, all religions are just different paths to the same final truth.

With such a confusing variety of beliefs, Christians must know something of the faith of others; how they originated, what they believe and how they practice. This will help them to understand those faiths, but also to clarify their own as the truth. This course is designed to: 1) educate Christians about other religions they may encounter; 2) provide basic knowledge about their beliefs and practices; 3) further establish the truth of Christianity in light of conflicting claims; and 4) equip Christians to communicate their own faith to people from other religions who need the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

[Biblical Worldview 1 & 2 are recommended but not required]

Philosophy 350: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus [2 credit hour] Filmed 2021

Christianity is not just a matter of believing in God, or even Jesus, but believing very specific claims about Jesus; that he died “for our sins” by crucifixion in the first century A.D., but did not remain dead. The resurrection of Jesus is central to Christian apologetics and evangelism. This course is designed to offer philosophical and historical evidence for believing and defending the resurrection of Jesus so that students will have resources for being grounded in and effectively communicating their faith.

Instructor: Dr. Gary R. Habermas: The Apostle Paul declared that if Christ is not risen, then your faith is “vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14). He also taught that believing that God has “raised [Jesus] from the dead” is essential to salvation (Romans 10:9). With these two verses alone, Christianity is made to rise or fall on the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus was the central message of the first disciples and faith in it gave birth to the Christian church. It also sustained the church in the face of harsh opposition and efforts to stop it from the start - as its first leaders willingly suffered and went to their deaths claiming that they had seen Jesus alive after his crucifixion. In 1 Peter 3:15, the Apostle Peter, who suffered much holding onto this belief in the resurrection of Jesus, admonishes believers to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” This course provides a broad introduction to the most important issues surrounding, arguably, the most significant event of history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Completion of the course will equip you to better fulfill Peter’s admonition by giving you answers to many of the common challenges and questions that skeptics raise against the Christian faith.

ARCH 301: Biblical Archaeology I [2 credit hours - Filmed 2022]

This course is an introduction to archaeology and explains its importance for Biblical research and interpretation illustrated from many Old Testament archaeological discoveries. Dr. Graves, an experienced archaeologist, has assembled a helpful introduction that provides undergraduate students with another tool for understanding the historical and cultural context of the Scriptures. It also lends scientific support from actual discoveries to the historical reliability of the Bible.

Instructor: Dr. David Graves: Thousands of artifacts have been discovered that relate to the Bible, but few of them make the news headlines. Revisionist scholars often seek to undermine and downplay the relevance of many of the discoveries. While no archaeological evidence can verify the atonement or the virgin birth, archaeology can assist in making them rationally plausible to inquirers and illustrate the cultural and historical setting of the Bible.

This course provides an interesting and informative introduction to the most significant archaeological discoveries relating to the Old Testament including, among others, the development of writing, Mesopotamian creation and flood accounts, the quest for the discovery of Sodom and Noah’s ark, evidence for the Exodus, and important artifacts like pottery, tablets, seals, and inscriptions including the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Completion of the course will equip you with answers to many of the common challenges and questions people have regarding the historicity of the Bible including people, places, things and events; and assist you in the interpretation of biblical passages.

Elective Costs

Elective Single
(Total Cost)
Family Members
(Total Cost)
The Doctrine of Angels $40 $30
Scientific & Biblical Creation $60 $40
Scientific Creationism II $75 $50
Personal Evangelism $40 $30
The Doctrine of Bible Prophecy $50 $35
Biblical Leadership $40 $30
Biblical Worldview 1 $50 $40
Biblical Worldview 2 $60 $60
Biblical Worldview 3 $60 $60
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus $60 $60
Biblical Archaeology 1 $60 $60

Elective Class lengths

Elective # of
Length of
The Doctrine of Angels 8 36 min.
Scientific & Biblical Creation 16 36 min.
Scientific Creationism II 12 55 min.
Personal Evangelism 6 50 min.
The Doctrine of Bible Prophecy 12 50 min.
Biblical Leadership
*5 Classes Total
40 min.
1 hr.
Biblical Worldview 1 9 55 min.
Biblical Worldview 2 20 40 min.
Biblical Worldview 3 16 40 min.
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus 12 55 min.
Biblical Archaeology 1 12 50 min.

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FBI Elective Instructors

Dr. John T. Yates

(FBI’s Founder, President and Core Curriculum Instructor)

Dr. Yates has taught verse by verse through the Bible every 3 years since 1985. He is the author of FBI’s 14-Volume Commentary Set on the Old Testament and New Testament and the 4-Volume Set on Theology. He wrote and taught FBI’s Elective courses on Prophecy, Angels, Creationism, Personal Evangelism, and Discipleship. Dr. Yates is a graduate of University of Louisiana at Monroe (Associate of Arts in General Studies and Psychology), Liberty University (Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies & Counseling) and (Master of Arts in Religion & Counseling), post-graduate Old & New Testament studies in Israel, and Faith International University (Doctorate in Religion). He is the senior pastor at Rowland Road Baptist Church.

Dr. Will Honeycutt

(FBI Vice-President and Electives Instructor)

Dr. Honeycutt received his Doctorate in Bioethics from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His Masters of Divinity is from Liberty Theological Seminary and his Bachelor’s from Liberty University. He taught at Liberty University for over twenty years, and has been involved in church ministry to youth and young adults for over three decades. Dr. Honeycutt has developed curriculum and/or taught courses on Apologetics, Theology, Biblical Languages, Biblical Worldview and Biblical Manhood. He has taught Galatians, Romans and Theology at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Jeju, South Korea since 2013. In 2018 he became Vice President of Faith Bible Institute where he develops and teaches numerous electives to add to FBI’s core curriculum. He also helps pastor at Rowland Road Baptist Church where he and his wife attend and serve.

Visiting Elective Instructors

Dr. David A. DeWitt

Dr. David A. DeWitt is a scientist, professor and author. He is a frequent speaker for organizations like Answers in Genesis and is the author of Unraveling the Origins Controversy. He has taught courses on Creation and cell biology at Liberty University, where he served as Director of the Center for Creation Research and also chair of the Department of Biology & Chemistry. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. in Neurosciences from Case Western Reserve University. He is a research scientist with primary expertise in the underlying causes of Alzheimer's disease. He has been awarded research grants and published numerous professional research articles.

Dr. Gary R. Habermas

Dr. Gary R. Habermas has dedicated his life to the study of the relevant historical, philosophical, and theological issues surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus and is considered the world’s leading authority on the resurrection. He earned his PhD from Michigan State University and an MA from the University of Detroit. He has authored or co-authored over 40 books, and has contributed more than 60 chapters or articles to additional books, as well as over 100 articles and reviews in journals and publications. He has been a visiting or adjunct professor at about 15 different graduate schools and seminaries including most Southern Baptist Seminaries, Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton. He is a Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy at Liberty University. He and his wife Eileen have 7 children and 15 grandchildren.

Larry Fincher

Larry Fincher is the Former Family Pastor at Rowland Road Baptist Church, Monroe Louisiana, and is a charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Over the last 35 years he has studied extensively, developed material, counseled, and taught classes pertaining to the Christian family and leadership. He received a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Arkansas and until taking early retirement was employed as a Director for Entergy Corporation covering Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and the City of New Orleans. He has over thirty plus years of leadership experience in the church, corporations, civic, and professional organizations.

Dr. David Graves

Dr. David Graves has a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and has taught the Bible and archaeology for more than thirty-five years at locations including Oxford University, England, and more recently, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. He has provided tours of the Ashmonean and British Museums, and traveled extensively in the Middle East. Dr. Graves has been involved in Mount Ararat research, contributed to National Geographic productions, and been on archaeological excavations at Qumran, Temple Mount and Shiloh, Israel, as well as the Tall el-Hammam excavation project in Jordan (possible site of Sodom). Also, he was part of the team who discovered and excavated the Dead Sea Scroll cave Q12 near Qumran, Israel in 2017. He is a member of the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS) and has authored several books and articles on Archaeology and Biblical themes. Dr. Graves lives in Canada with his wife.