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Two new electives available

PHIL 350 – The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus [2 credit hours]

Summary: Christianity is not just a matter of believing in God or even Jesus, but believing very specific claims about Jesus: that He died “for our sins” by crucifixion in the first century A.D., but did not remain dead. The resurrection of Jesus is central to Christian apologetics and evangelism. This course is designed to offer philosophical and historical evidence for believing and defending the resurrection of Jesus so that students will have resources for being grounded in and effectively communicating their faith.

Instructor: Dr. Gary Habermas Class sessions: Consists of 12 - 55 minute sessions Cost: $60 per person* ($20 App Fee + $40 Tuition)

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PHIL 222 – Biblical Worldview II: Analyzing and Applying a Biblical Worldview

Summary: This study will equip students to develop, defend, and base life decisions upon Scripture. Building upon and expanding the foundation laid in Biblical Worldview 1, students will be led to think about controversial matters, ethical theory and application regarding such topics as human dignity, abortion, euthanasia, and issues surrounding current concerns over the meaning of love, sexuality, marriage, and family.

[Biblical Worldview 1 is recommended but not required]


nstructor: Dr. Will Honeycutt Class sessions: Consists of 20 - 40 minute sessions Cost: $60 per person* ($20 App Fee + $40 Tuition)

[2 credit hours]

* Note: This is an adult level course that includes a proper Biblical perspective on abortion, sexuality, homosexuality and trans-sexuality including detailed references to human anatomy and is intended for a mature audience.

* New electives have lower tuition for everyone in lieu of discounts for families. Cost for couple is about the same either way. (Illustration: $40 + $40 = $80 is the same as $50 + $30 = $80.)