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Two new electives available

PHIL 223: Biblical Worldview III – World Religions [2 credit hours]

Summary: This course takes a close look at the major world religions, comparing and contrasting them to Christianity. It explores the meaning and development of religion as a human experience and considers how Christianity is most credible as the one true religion revealed by God to humanity. It also looks at how religions are distortions of the originally revealed religion given by God and how Christianity restores that truth to humankind. A focus of the course is how to understand other faiths and communicate Christian truth to their adherents.

Instructor: Dr. Will Honeycutt. Class sessions consists of 16 - 40 minute sessions Cost: $60 per person* ($20 App Fee + $40 Tuition)

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ARCH 301: Biblical Archaeology I [2 credit hours]

Summary: This course is an introduction to archaeology and explains its importance for Biblical research and interpretation illustrated from many Old Testament archaeological discoveries. Dr. Graves, an experienced archaeologist, has assembled a helpful introduction that provides undergraduate students with another tool for understanding the historical and cultural context of the Scriptures. It also lends scientific support from actual discoveries to the historical reliability of the Bible.
Instructor: Dr. David Graves.
Course contains 12 - 50 minute sessions Cost: $60 per person* ($20 App Fee + $40 Tuition)

* New electives have lower tuition for everyone in lieu of discounts for families. Cost for couple is about the same either way. (Illustration: $40 + $40 = $80 is the same as $50 + $30 = $80.)